Termite Inspection Abbotsford

Termites are destroying your furnishings? Eliminate them at a reasonable cost!

Termites are the most damaging of all the pests. Termites may gnaw through any type of wood and, like ants, can form colonies, microcolonies, and remote colonies. Although termites resemble ants, however, they aren’t all the same. In the wood, termites build their nests.

Termite infestation at your property? Pest Control Abbotsford can supply you with the finest remedy. For many years, our expert team of Termite Treatment Abbotsford have dealt with various forms of termite infestations. We have years of expertise and understanding in this industry. If not exceeding your expectations, our Termite Pest Control Abbotsford service will at the very least satisfy them. Reaching 03 4050 7852 will supply you with all of the essential support.

How Do We Offer the Best Termite Control and Inspection Services?

First, a termite inspection service will be done to locate all termite nests and provide a detailed report. Our professionals will totally exterminate termites from the home in the second stage. 

We use different methods for termite control. Here are our control methods:

✔ Chemical Method

✔ Physical barriers 

✔ Bait Method

  • We Do Termite Inspection In The Roof Void:-

Termites can take over your entire property and the roof is no exception. That is why our Termite Control Abbotsford team provides excellent inspection services for your roof void also.

  • Termite Inspection Inside A Building:- 

If you have any doubt about termites and you wanna make sure that your building does not have any termite infestation. Contact our Termite Inspection Abbotsford team for inspection now.

  • Termite Inspection In The Subfloor Of A Building:-

Not only can our team provide you with an inspection inside a building, but we also have attractive prices for inspecting a subfloor of a building too. 

  • Termite Inspection Outside The Building:-

You may not find any termites inside your building but even if you spot one termite around your building give us a call. Outside your building termites may have a colony and they will take no time to get in your building too. Our Termite Inspection Abbotsford team has Best Termite Inspectors Abbotsford and will help you out.

Why Are Termite Inspections very important Before Treatment?

A termite infestation may do substantial damage to your property and cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs if you ignore it. However, if the problem is identified early on, it may be avoided and the infestation can be eradicated. As a result, a periodic termite inspection is the most important part of preventing termite infestation. Also having an idea about where the termites’ nest is and how much damage they have already done helps a lot to get the best result.

Identify Some Common Signs of Termite Activity

There are plenty of signs that can be proof of termite infestation at your place. Here we have briefed about some of those signs:

Evidence of swarms- When the climate begins to warm, subsurface termites swarm in order to establish a new nest. When they leave for warmer climes, they lose their wings, which are frequently piled up.

Wood damage- If you bang on your wood and it sounds hollow, you have termite activity. Termites do severe destruction to your wood’s structural joints, leaving them wrinkled or crushed. You may use a blade to check the wood for any crevices.

Mud tubes- These thin passages are built of wood and earth and are roughly the width of a pencil. Termites build these mud tubes for a variety of reasons. Termites connect the timber to the earth, protect themselves from the enemies, and keep them moist. Contact us today for the Best Termite Inspection Abbotsford team at your service.

Avail the services of an Abbotsford Best Termite Control Company such as Pest Control Abbotsford

  • Termite treatment is less expensive than termite control since it preserves your furniture, which is far more valuable.
  • Professionals are more efficient because they understand what they are doing. As a consequence, their plans will be more effective.
  • Less dangerous- The professional will take all required steps before undertaking any house termite control demands.
  • Less prone to illness- Hiring a termite exterminator can keep you safe from termite allergies.

Termite Treatment and Inspection Services are Offered in Abbotsford for both Residential and Commercial Properties

The primary drawback of a commercial organisation is that the employees are always busy. They may not notice the termite infestation until later in life, which might lead to serious consequences. On the other hand, our organisation can assist you in eliminating termites and their nests.

Bait: Termites are drawn to a particular area via baiting systems, where they concentrate around a monitoring system containing a little amount of termiticide. Once the insects have congregated in the system, they will transport little amounts of the poison back to their original nest, killing the colony in a matter of weeks.

Wood treatment- Our experienced personnel will make sure to get rid of all the termites in the woods that are infested. We use organic products to get rid of termites from wood.

Soil treatment- Chemical barriers create a zone of treated soil around your property or structures, which must be replenished within a certain time frame, depending on the kind of soil and chemicals employed during treatment.

Hire Our Termite Inspection Abbotsford To Live in a termite-free property

  • Our personnel will always provide premium quality services, and we will never compromise the quality of our termite control services.
  • Further, our Termite Control Abbotsford team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide the best termite control in Abbotsford. Even on holidays, you may book our one-of-a-kind services.
  • Our company and workers are completely qualified and have all of the required rights to conduct any sort of termite control service in the area.
  • Low prices- Any other business may demand a high charge based on all of the aforementioned reasons. Contact our Termite Control Abbotsford team for the reasonable Termite Treatment Cost Abbotsford.


Q. Are you active on weekends for termite treatments in Abbotsford?

Yes, we are open on weekends to help you with effective termite inspection and controls.

Q. Is your termite control solutions safe for pets?

Yes, we use pet-friendly termite treatment solutions only. Though, we suggest you keep pets away while treatment is going on.

Q. Do you offer pre-purchase termite inspection in Abbotsford?

Yes, we provide pre-buy termite inspection and treatment services Abbotsford-wide.