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Have you noticed the mosquito infestation in your properties? If yes, it’s time to contact Pest Control Abbotsford. We provide the most advanced mosquito pest control services to ensure the well-being of our clients. Are you also planning to do the same to your family members or working staff at your workplace? Then, you need to get our mosquito control Abbotsford services. You can observe the rapid growth of mosquitoes at dusk and dawn, as the direct sunlight can dehydrate and kill mosquitoes. 

Since these mosquitoes are the cause of various infections, it’s very important to get rid of them. For that, you need to get our mosquito pest control service. With our services, we’ll not only safeguard your family from various infections but also can prevent certain allergies. To achieve this, having proper strategies and maintaining certain strategies is important. To know more details about our services, contact us now! 

Commercial And Residential Mosquito Control Services In Abbotsford

With our mosquito control service Abbotsford, you can get rid of the mosquito pest infestation instantly. Since our services are available in both residential and commercial spaces, our mosquito control Abbotsford team is going to be your saviour. Maintaining the hygiene of your workplace is as important as keeping the house clean. So, for this sole reason, it is necessary to get a professional mosquito pest control service. Since our experts offer domestic and commercial services; you don’t have to search for more options. In a world full of options, it is very easy to get lost in the hustling of finding a way to get the best services. In such cases, you can just reach out to us! We are available on both our website and also over the phone. Get in touch with us by calling us at 03 4050 7852

After contacting us, our team will get further details from you. Later, our team will reserve a slot for you. For getting our services without any delays; you need to make an appointment with us in advance. We are available for providing our Abbotsford mosquito control services across all the regions of Abbotsford. 

Here Are The Serious Consequences Of The Mosquito Bite

Though mosquitoes are omnipresent, they are abundantly found in certain parts of the house. So it is important to keep every corner of the house neat and clean. This will aid in avoiding them on the property. Since they mostly feed on blood, they pierce the skin of their prey. After which, they suck out the blood using the long proboscis. You know what! Only female mosquitoes will suck the blood, while males just feed on the flowers just like any other insects. Here are the serious consequences of a mosquito bite: 

  • Mosquito bites can cause large areas of itching with redness and puffiness. 
  • There are higher chances of developing allergic reactions and symptoms. 
  • At the site of the bite, you can observe the formation of bruises. 
  • It can lead to lesions.
  • Neurological changes such as muscle weakness. Due to this, one side of your body feels weak. 
  • In certain conditions, it leads to fatigue, light sensitivity, confusion, etc. 
  • In pregnant women, they can cause adverse reactions, leading to discomfort.  

Other harmful diseases that mosquitoes bite can lead to: 

Mosquitoes are the carriers of certain life-threatening diseases as well; since they are the carriers of various viruses and other organisms. They can cause the following diseases: 

  • Dengue fever
  • Yellow fever
  • Chikungunya
  • Malaria
  • West Nile virus 

All these diseases can cause a lot of disturbances in our regular human functioning. Therefore, you should not ignore even the smallest symptoms. Early detection aids in the instant cure! 

How Do We Do Mosquito Control At Your Property? 

Our mosquito control Abbotsford services can assist you in solving your troubles. Since our team is specially trained for performing these tasks; we know the best when it comes to preventive measures. Abbotsford mosquito control team follows the following steps: 

  • Inspection: We inspect the breeding sites of the mosquitoes. After getting the report our team will decide on what strategies to be followed. Therefore, for effective results, get in touch with us immediately regarding mosquito control in Abbotsford. 
  • Clearing Out The Breeding Spots: After the inspection, we will be able to figure out the breeding sites such as shrubs, tall grasses, stagnant water, etc. These are the spots where most of the mosquitoes breed rapidly.  Therefore, it becomes necessary to clear them out.
  • Spraying Residual Insecticides: Our team mosquito control Abbotsford uses only organic and toxic-free chemicals. We spray these around the bushes, shrubs and even inside the house to make sure that your property is free from mosquitoes. 
  • High-End Advanced Systems: We use advanced technologies like high end-end propane foggers for eliminating mosquitoes effectively. 
  • Usage Of Mosquito Repellents: Mosquito repellents can also be an effective way to keep the mosquito count at bay. These repellents can be long-lasting and show their effect for more than a week. 

We Can Offer Our Mosquito Control Services Across All The Prime Locations In Abbotsford 

It can get difficult to find an authentic company for effective mosquito control services. Not anymore! Our company has got your requirements covered. We offer our mosquito control services in all the regions of Abbotsford. Since our team is locally based. Therefore, our team will be at your doorsteps within 24 hours of booking an appointment. Since we offer our services to both commercial and residential spaces; you can reach out to us for our mosquito control in Abbotsford, be it your workspace or residency. Our team will cover all your requirements. In addition, we also offer emergency mosquito control in the regions of Abbotsford. Contact us to get more information about our mosquito pest control service.


Are mosquitoes a real-life threat?

Mosquitoes can cause several diseases like malaria, dengue fever, and chikungunya which are potentially fatal. Therefore, mosquitoes are a real-life threat.

How do you control mosquitoes?

We use mosquito repellents, propane mist spraying and foggers for controlling mosquitoes. In addition, spraying insecticides also helps in keeping the mosquitoes at bay.

Do you provide your services in Abbotsford?

Our services are available in all the regions of Abbotsford. Since our company is a local one, we offer our services to all the residents across Abbotsford.