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Don’t Let Bugs Bite You! Hire Our Bed Bug Control Exterminators In Abbotsford 

Bed bugs Control Abbotsford exterminators are here to provide you with effective treatments to prevent bed bugs. Moreover, our procedure is developed to eliminate all the bedbugs from your mattress and prevent them from infesting again. Pest Control Abbotsford experts use products to use against bed bugs and banish them. Secondly, for bed bug removal once and for all in your Abbotsford home, book our affordable services. Dial 03 4050 7852 to book a same day or emergency for the most effective bed bug treatment in Abbotsford.

Why Choose Pest Control Abbotsford?

  • We provide Affordable bed bug extermination services 
  • Our experts use eco-friendly, non-toxic chemicals to eliminate bed bugs
  • Bed Bugs Control Abbotsford experts are highly experienced in performing a range of control methods
  • Our professionals are licensed and certified and provide high-quality services 
  • We provide emergency & same day services for bed bug control in Abbotsford 

How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs in My Bed? 

Bed bugs simply disturb your sleep plus they bite too. Thus, leaving you with bite marks and possible infestations. Here are some signs to find out if you have bed bug infestations:

  • Look for red or brown fecal matter on your bed or upholstery 
  • Empty eggshells on your bed 
  • Unusual sweet odour which is a sign of a huge bed bug infestation
  • Bite marks on your body, especially legs and arms
  • You are not able to sleep properly 

Areas To Look For While Inspecting For Bed Bugs

While looking for bed bugs it is important to thoroughly inspect your bed. Moreover, areas like the headboard, mattress or box springs and bed frame are a must to check. Also, look for the fecal matter which is small and brown. Moreover, fecal matter stains your mattress a bit. Also, look for exoskeletons of bed bugs that are light brown and translucent. Secondly, put your mattress away and then with the help of a flashlight inspect your bed. If you notice any of these mentioned signs then immediately call a bed bug extermination.

We Follow A Proper Bed Bug Treatment and Control Procedure In Abbotsford 

Bed Bug Infestation is pretty common and it escalates pretty quickly as well. Therefore,  a proper controlled procedure to kill bed bugs and prevent them from coming back is important. Therefore, we provide a proper strategic procedure which is as follows

  • Inspection

Our exterminator will do bed bug inspection of the whole mattress, the bed and the surroundings to ensure where the bed bugs are active. 

  • Chemical Service

We use eco-friendly and non-toxic chemicals to kill all the bed bugs from your home. Moreover, with appropriate products and methods, we make sure to prevent any future infestations.

  • Non-Chemical Treatment Service: Heat Treatment

Heat treatments are extremely successful to kill bed bugs and prevent them from coming back as it kills the eggs as well. Moreover, we ensure to keep the bed bugs out of your bed entirely.

  • Follow up is a must

Follow-ups are important for us, thus we stay in touch between the visits and respond to any further assistance.

  • Prevention tips

Our experts help you with keeping a watch for any future infestation of bed bugs and give you useful tips to prevent it. 

Get Bed Bug Control To Get Strong Bond Claim For End Of Lease 

Are you moving out of your apartment? Looking for special pest control services for the end of the lease? We got you covered. Bed Bug Control Abbotsford experts provide special extermination services to get rid of bed bugs. Moreover, our end of lease bed bug control services is extremely affordable and effective. So, to book our bed bug pest control services simply dial our toll-free number today.


Where do bed bugs usually hide?

Bed Bugs usually hide in the bedding and upholstery like furniture and also luggage. Typically, they are hiding in mattresses and couches. Moreover, in any place where there is a crack, they tend to hide. Also, they are active at night and feed on the host. Hence, disrupting your entire sleep routine. 

Are bed bugs capable of flying?

Most bed bugs cannot fly. They just have wing pads that are not developed. Also, the wing pads are not suitable for flying. Secondly, they cannot jump either. They crawl and climb up to the host and feed on them.

Where do bed bugs bite?

Bed Bugs do not have a specific area where they feed on. They usually feed on any part of the body, whatever suits them well. Their common host includes humans and pets.