Possum Removal Abbotsford

Hire Us For The Best Possum Removal Service In Abbotsford

We at Pest Control Abbotsford aim at providing quality possum pest control to our customers. Through our 15+ years of experience, we are the most reliable possum removal Abbotsford. Our eco-friendly possum removal services don’t harm possums during the removal process. Thus, rely on us for a thorough investigation of your Abbotsford premises and our removalists will help you from getting rid of possums. Therefore, hire us and give us a call at 03 4050 7852 for humane possum pest control in Abbotsford. 

For Your Commercial And Residential Premises, Contact Us For Possum Removal In Abbotsford

Our possum pest control Abbotsford exterminators provide you with possum control services in your house and its premises. Possums don’t harm humans, but their presence can create a nuisance to you. They live on the roof of your house and can damage your furniture and other belongings. Thus give us a call for a safe possum catcher Abbotsford team.

Areas such as your offices, restaurants, public malls, and theatres are also the hub for the possum. Therefore if you want to get rid of them from commercial places as well, then contact us.

What Is The Importance Of Removing a Dead Possum Immediately?

Possums tend to jump, which leads to getting stuck, falling and so on. These are the reason that gets them killed. As they carry potential carriers of diseases that can be very harmful to humans. And these dead possums can spread odour all over your house, also can stain your belongings. Also, they can attract other insects and maggots. Thus their removal is very important. So, give us a call for dead possum removal Abbotsford service by the best professional removalists in town.

Our Effective Possum Pest Control Process

The steps used by our removalist are:

  • Thorough Inspection Of Your Property

Once you contact us our expert removalists will visit your property for inspection. They will inspect each corner of your roof for possible entry and exit points of possums. Then our possum removal Abbotsford removalists will close every possible entry point leaving the main entry point, and proceed with the removal step.

  • The Extraction 

At the main entry point, we will place a cage to trap the possum when they arrive next. Then, after catching them we take them to the nearest tree within 50 meters from where we caught them.

  • After Removal Care

Our possum removal Abbotsford removalists will seal the main entry after the removal of the possum completely as well, and at last, will spray some sanitizing agent to remove any foul smell present.

Why We Are The Best Choice For Possum Removal And Control In Abbotsford?

The various points for you to choose us for possum removal services are:

  • 24/7 Availability

Our team take appointments 24 by 7, you can book appointments at your ease.  

  • Licenced Team

As killing possums is illegal and possum removal requires a licence to do so. Thus, our removalists are licenced for possum removal to 

  • Same Day Service

We provide you with same day possum removal Abbotsford service. If you book us for same-day service our team will serve you within 24 hours of the appointment booked.

  • Eco-friendly Method Of Removal

Our possum removal process is eco-friendly for both your family members and the possum as well.

  • Affordable Price

Our possum removal Abbotsford cost is very affordable. So, call us for pocket-friendly possum removal today!

Contact Us For Emergency Possum Removal In Abbotsford

We also provide you with emergency possum removal services in Abbotsford. If you found any dead or live possum in your house, you can call us for emergency possum removal. After you contact us, our team will reach you within an hour and so.


Why I should call a professional for possum removal?

You should call a professional for possum removal because killing possums is illegal and to catch them you should hold a licence.

Can possums come back after the removal?

If the removal of possum is done properly and all the holes are sealed properly then the chances of possums coming back are less.

What are the risks of having possums inside my house?

Possums don’t harm humans they just enter your house for shelter. But they carry lots of germs with them that can cause diseases in your home. Thus their removal is required.