Flea Control Abbotsford

We Provide Amazing Flea Control Services In Abbotsford That Brings The Best Results

Pest Control Abbotsford takes responsibility for resolving our clients’ flea problems and getting rid of all the infestations we find at your place. Once we reach your home, we identify the type of flea that is causing you bites and use spraying for fleas as a first step. Our most suitable flea control Abbotsford expert can demonstrate to you the detail-oriented flea issues when you have any queries. Also, we have good communication skills and actively respond to all your doubts. Moreover, we are also certified for our work in flea pest control drive to provide amazing results. A few of the other reasons to contact us at 03 4050 7852 are below: 

  • Excellent same-day and emergency total care flea control services
  • Solutions we use as spraying for fleas are eco-friendly ones 
  • Punctually arriving flea exterminators and provide on-time service
  • All kinds of flea treatments for homes are affordable
  • Local controllers are available for human, cat and dog flea treatments. 

Tips To Identify Fleas 

As fleas and their colonies are very common in and around Abbotsford, tips for identifying them also play a vital role. So, if you find fleas, you have to take note of the flea bite symptoms, physical appearance and other facts about the cat, dog and human fleas. 

  • Symptoms Of A Flea Bite
  • Irritating and itchy skin
  • Find discolouring ring around bites 
  • Lumps can turn into blisters in just one or two days of flea bites
  • Allergic reactions resulting in shortness of breath 
  • Severe other symptoms such as weight loss, abdominal pain, various diseases, etc. 
  • Physical Appearance Of A Flea
  • Fleas are wingless pests that are 1.5 to 3.3 mm
  • Has 6 legs with a small head and large hind feet 
  • They are usually dark in colour and have an agile body 
  • Have simple eyespots and a single biconvex lens 
  • Fleas have a lateral body that permits easy body movements. 
  • Other Flea Facts 
  • To date, the discovered species of fleas are 2000
  • Fleas can jump high 200 times the length of their bodies 
  • It is surprising that female fleas eat 15 times more than their own weight
  • For almost 3 hours fleas can happily feed themselves
  • Per day female fleas lay 50 eggs and 2000 eggs in just 2 months.  
  • Cat Flea 
  • Cat fleas carry larval forms of tapeworm 
  • Adult cat fleas feed on cat blood 
  • Has the potential to transmit infectious agents between any number of cats
  • Cat fleas are the cause of cat-scratch disease 
  • Cause itchy bites even to humans. 
  • Dog Flea
  • External parasites that suck dog blood
  • Hardbodies with no wings 
  • Dog flea bites are very dangerous
  • Anaemia may also arise because of dog flea bites 
  • Laterally compressed body with spines and hair that makes it easier to fly around. 
  • Human Flea
  • Human fleas are also commonly addressed as house fleas 
  • Have four life cycles– eggs, larvae, pupae and adults
  • Oftentimes, eggs are laid on the host body 
  • Human flea bites also result in hair loss in severe cases 
  • If extreme high-volume infestations are present, it leads an individual to anaemia. 

Measures To Be Taken If You Find Fleas At Your Home 

You may not have an idea of what to do if you find fleas at your home, so our flea control Abbotsford experts are here to help you. There are a few important measures one needs to take if you find either dog flea, cat flea or human fleas. 

  • Use lotions, ointments and anti-itch creams to avoid flea bites
  • Cleanse your pet fur with anti-flea powder and anti-flea shampoo
  • Put anti-flea collars on your pets
  • Applying a topical medication is to be not forgotten
  • Vacuum or sweep your home well and often. 

Our All-At-Once Flea Control & Removal Procedure

Once we make note of all the flea issues you are facing, our flea control Abbotsford team takes out the best tools and removes fleas. However, to make this possible, we follow an all-at-once procedure for flea control as the following: 

  • Thorough Flea Inspection

To decide on what flea control Abbotsford treatment plan to opt for, we first do a thorough inspection of the infested area. Our inspection includes examining attics, kitchens, bathrooms and every corner of your home. In fact, we make a detailed report on our inspection findings too. This way even the clients can have an idea about the cause, and severity of infestations at your place. 

  • Physical Control And Removal

Over with checking your place for fleas and their colonies, we control and remove fleas with physical methods. To treat your pets, we offer vet-approved methods. To treat your home, we wash all your rugs, carpets, floors, furniture, cupboards, etc that are in the same contact with your pets. This way we can modify the habitats of fleas and let them have no place to hide. 

  • Chemical Treatments 

When implementing chemical flea treatment, our licensed experts use chemical agents. The chemical agents we use consist of tetramethrin, deltamethrin or permethrin. Moreover, we also make use of growth-inhibiting chemicals so as to prevent the flea eggs from maturing. So, with chemical treatments, we get rid of both adult fleas and their eggs, and larvae all at once. 

We Offer Quick Same-Day Flea Control & Removal Services In Abbotsford

Flea control Abbotsford team offers same-day inspection for homes in Abbotsford along with same-day effective control services. This is to make sure to get rid of fleas and their colonies as quickly as possible. Although it is a fact that most people confuse lice, bed bugs and ticks for fleas, our trained and skilled flea exterminators do not. So, this makes our job easier to do same-day service in a short period. Besides human flea treatment, we provide flea treatments for kittens and puppies in your budget with state-approved control agents. Therefore, if you are looking for flea control near me for same-day service, call us today! 


Is there a need to do post flea treatment for my Abbotsford home?

Post flea treatment for your home in Abbotsford, you need to avoid activities such as vacuuming or mopping the treated area for about 10 days at least. Because to let the treatment settle and show effective results.

How do I prepare my place before the arrival of your flea control Abbotsford team? 

Before the arrival of our flea control Abbotsford team, 
Prior to our flea pest control service, mow your garden once

Clean out floors and cupboards
Remove pets from the site of treatment, if any
Vacuum bedding, carpets, rugs, furniture, etc.

What chemicals do you use for instant and total care flea control services?

We do not use chemicals for instant and total care flea control services. Because our choice is always the use of eco-friendly pesticides! Green and safe!