Bee and Wasp Removal Abbotsford

Have a wasp nest or a bee infestation on Abbotsford Property? Call Us For Quick Removal! 

Bees are not just important for honey but they are also very important for pollination. More than half of the flora are pollinated by the bees on their way to collect nectar. And wasps are the best insect a farmer can get, as they prey on harmful pests that can destroy their crops. 

In case you are spotting bees and waps regularly, or you just found their nest. Do not try to solve the problem on your own. Contact our Bee and Wasp Removal Abbotsford team for the swiftest and most efficient process. Pest Control Abbotsford will make sure to provide you with the best services at an affordable price. Contact our team at 03 4050 7852.

Various Types of Bees And Wasps We Remove

There are several types of bees and wasps we can find in Abbotsford. Also, there are various rules and laws that need to be followed when dealing with these pests. Here are some types of bees and wasps and brief info about them.

✔ Honey Bee-  Honey bee colonies can contain up to 50,000 individuals. Since they can survive long term with even the coldest sections of the nation, their colonies can grow to this size. A honey bee is just a half-inch-long hairy, honey-coloured insect. Yellowjackets are black and vivid yellow wasps that should not be confused with them.

✔ Bumble Bee-  Unmistakable is the buzzing, fluffy yellow and black striped bumblebee. In ancient rat burrows, under porches, and wall cavities, up to 200 1/2- to 1-inch-long beehives can be detected.

✔ Carpenter Bee- This bee resembles a bumblebee but has a glossy, all-black abdomen instead of a bumble bee’s fuzzy, black and yellow abdomen. Carpenter bees, unlike bumblebees, live alone. 

✔ Paper Wasps- Paper wasps are the most common wasps seen near structures. A paper wasp nest is a single comb of hexagonal cells made of a papery material that wasps eat and combine with saliva. 

✔ Yellowjackets- Yellowjackets attack humans more than any other wasp or bee species. The vivid yellow and black striped abdomen of the yellowjacket is a clear warning symbol. New queens of yellowjackets emerge late in the year, abandoning the nest (which will not be reused) and seeking winter protection.  

✔ Hornets- A considerably larger wasp is the European hornet. This is a genuine hornet, with dull orange stripes and a length of more than an inch. In buildings near forested areas, nests can be found in trees, attics, and wall voids. 

How Do We Handle Wasps and Bees?

For managing bees and wasps our expert Bee and Wasp Removal Abbotsford team have a fixed and proven method. Here are some of the points mentioned below to give you an idea: 

✔ Inspection of the area of nests and hives

Our team will start with an inspection of and around your property to check for any hives or nests. Or places that have the potential to become.

✔ Removal of bees and wasps around

In case our experts find any bees or wasps then we will remove them. 

✔ Removal of nests and bees

While inspecting, if we come across any nest or a hive, we will make sure to remove those from the property and clean the area too.

✔ Destroy the nest, if required

Just in case the removal is not sufficient for the bees and wasps’ nest, then we will demolish it.

✔ Final Inspection

Once we are done with the aforementioned points we will do a final check to make sure to not leave any bee or wasp and their nests.

Process of bees and wasps constructing their hives and nests

The queen, with a mouthful of wood fibres, utilises her spit to dissolve the strands until they produce soft paper pulp. She then flies her mouthful of paper pulp to her selected nest-building spot and starts constructing. Worker wasps assist in the formation of numerous hexagonal cells from fragile paper pulp. 

Whereas scout bees find appropriate areas for hives in rock crevices, hollow trees, and other places. They construct hives in the same manner as farmed honey bees do, by eating wax until it becomes pliable, then gluing massive quantities of wax into honeycomb cells.

We offer Same-day bees and wasp control services in Abbotsford

Although it is said that bees and wasps only attack when they are life threatened, one can never be easy around them. So if you are in a place where you constantly find yourself between bees and wasps, or you have located their nest. Then it is time for you to contact our Bee and Wasp Removal Abbotsford team for the same-day bees and wasp control services. 

Our Bee and Wasp Removal Abbotsford team is local and highly efficient and will provide you with the services that will make sure to remove bees from your property. Pest Control Abbotsford provides same-day removal services so that in a state of emergency all you have to do is call us and get bee or wasp removal services on priority without any pre-appointment.


Can I remove bees on my own?

While you would believe that a can of bee spray is sufficient, this is not the case. A bee colony can include 10,000 to 100,000 bees, and they can become aggressive. As a result, attempting to remove them without professional assistance might be dangerous. Contact us to safely remove swarms from your property.

Do you provide emergency bee removal services in Abbotsford?

Yes, our team provides bee removal services on the same day and in an emergency. Our crew will arrive as soon as possible to resolve the issue. Please contact us whenever you need to.

Is it mandatory for a beekeeper to remove bees for free?

Swarms are often removed for free by beekeepers. You may presume the bees have settled themselves after they’ve been in the very same place for more than one week. The colony increases as the bees spend a lot of time there and create more combs.